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(Includes a free digital colouring page of this image)
50% donated to mental health

Mindful of Stories

First Collection Release
$ 100.00 USD
$ 75.00 USD
$ 75.00 USD
  • Size: A3 - 11.7” x 16.5” (297 x 420mm)
  • Printed on paper personally selected by Kristina
  • Hand signed by Kristina
  • Includes a free digital colouring page of this image

This drawing is a mind full of stories to remind you to be mindful of stories.

Mindful of the stories we tell ourselves in our heads… Mindful to be observant of what we let enter the bookshelf of our mind and what we allow to stay.

To be the careful curator within the library of our own thoughts and stories, letting go of anything we no longer connect to… clearing space for new stories. After-all, stories are how we’ve connected to ourselves and others for as long as time.

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