Your Colouring Talents

Your Colouring Talents


A little while back I made a video on my Instagram (here) where I found a coloured in version of every single page of my new colouring book Color Me Inspired. I just wanted to take a moment and say how much it means to me to see these pages coloured in.

Every single time I see a page coloured in I feel like melting into a puddle of happiness. I absolutely love how no page is coloured in the exact same way as someone elses and how every time I see a completed page I feel like it’s an art collaboration between the person who coloured it and me. It blows me away how unique each of those collaborations are and lastly how much I adore seeing all the different versions of these pages.

I really wanted to share/credit some of the ones I’ve come across so far and how even the same coloring page can look so different depending on the creator behind it.

(Mermaid page credit: @artistic.addict@kwebber_foreverr@Colour.the.moon)

(Deer page credit: @emcollins_art@artsy.cupcake, @kristinawebb.blogs)

(Ice cream page credit; @ayeee_daniel_, @rebekah.shutt, @my_creativeworld)

(Flower crown page credit; @moon_of_colour, @kimberlyt_art, @artisticallyavery)

(Hair braid page credit; @my_creativeworld, @art_by_madiii, @leighsnodgrass)

Here is a sped-up version of how I coloured in this Braid page myself:


For more of these go to this Instagram I run (@Kristinasbooks) that’s about promoting other artists and showcasing their talents. If you colour a page please tag me or hashtag to #cmibook so I can see it and admire it. 😍